flo is…

…a VFX supervisor …a motion designer …a compositing artist …trying to share most of his work with the community

Flo is a VFX Supervisor and therefore responsible for achieving the creative aims of the production team. He takes care that the creative wishes from the client get realized by the artists.

Over his years he has realized projects all over the world reaching from live previsualization,feature film, serial drama to music shows in Switzerland, Dubai, Malta, U.S.A., Italy, Poland, Germany and more locations.Situated in Cologne he has worked as digital artist on shows like “Heroes Reborn”, “House of Lies”, “MobCity”, “Dracula” and supervised productions, among others, such as “TAXI”, “Umbre” or “Honigfrauen”.

In his earlier career Flo specialized in green screen production, from constructing over shooting to post production. Since the very start of Stargate Germany he has been a core member to the Berlin Team. He also worked closely with and at the other facilities worldwide.

If you can’t find Flo working on this creative blog in his free time, he is most likely rocking on his guitar or slamming down on his drums.

email me: florian.fueger@googlemail.com