In this after effects tutorial you will learn:

- how to get started with digital juice / toxic templates
- how to use the juicer
- how to start working in your after effects project template
- how to bring in photoshop elements and how to change them within your project
- how to work with the project window
- how to use the stroke effect
- how to create a realistic looking cable
- how to track the stroke effect
- how to animate the stroke effect
- how to use expressions on the stroke effect
- how to use masks
- how to copy a mask and use it as a motion path
- how to create silhouettes within after effects
- how to use the “Auto-trace” function
- how to shoot photos ans pictures to create silhouettes out of them
- how to give your project the final touch
- how to apply a final look
- how to create a light in after effects
- how to add music
- how to convert audio into keyframes
- how to use some expressions to connect the audiofile to a camera
- how to create a vignette
- how to work with adjustment layers

you will also learn the following effects:

- matte feather
- simple choker
- channel blur
- bevel alpha
- brightness and contrast
- tint
- alpha cleaner
- matte choker
- fill
- curves