morphing music video

New morphing music video which i have… (read more)


commercial explanation videos

I recently have done 4 commercial explanation videos. Those… (read more)



new flomotion-trailer design in 3D

I have done this new trailer update in Cinema 4D (r12). All the… (read more)



music video with advanced motion tracking

For thist video i did all the motion tracking in mocha and… (read more)



flomotion trailer

To get the look … (read more)



typographic animation

For this  video I used some illustrator files, brought them into after effects (by copying masks out of illustrator and… (read more)



greenscreen test



slowmotion & “magic bullet looks” test

For this music video of the german singer-songwriter Robert Haist… (read more)


still-image animation



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promotion campaign for the berlin rockband “curtains falling” (see the complete campaign)

cd-booklett slideshow



around the world in 800 days










The story “around the world in 800 days” is based on a diary report of Walter Füger and Joe Funk, who traveld around… (read more)

(listen to the audio-drama)


the lonely planet

The topic of this audio-project was not to make a real audio drama to which you can… (read more)




Yaoti!? A promotionclip to explain avatars in the virtual world. The intention… (read more)



This is a promotion clip, which i have done for the… (read more)



flash animation

This is an old animation i already produced… (read more)