For this video I used some illustrator files, brought them into after effects (by copying masks out of illustrator and pasting them into AE). Then I made compositions for the different bodyparts (head, body, arms, legs, instruments). I made small animations in each of the comps, p.e. the blinking of the eyes or the wiggling of the toes. Now I brought different comps together into more specific comps, p.e. the arms together with the body. Then I brough all comps of one character into one main-composition, parented them to each other and started to animate them to the music (for most of the animation I used the puppet tool). The text animation was done with the help of “sure target” a plugin from videocopilot. For the final touch I used “magic bullet looks” and I also played around with an effect called “chromatic aberration“. The short intro is simply some real puppets filmed in front of a green-screen.